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Anti-Cellulite Vacuum Treatment How Effective is It? - Eight out of ten women have cellulites in their body parts such as their thighs, hips, stomachs and buttocks.

These cellulites look like a “cottage cheese” which is very unsightly. Many women resort to massage therapy, cellulite creams or anti-cellulite vacuum treatments so as to eliminate the appearance of cellulites. 

Although anti-cellulite vacuum treatments can temporarily improve the appearance of the skin, there is only a little evidence that they are effective in getting rid of cellulite. Despite this, though it still pays to learn about this cellulite treatment.

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Function of Anti-Cellulite Vacuum Treatment Anti-cellulite vacuum treatments are specially designed for toning the skin, stimulating the lymphatic system, increasing blood circulation, eliminating toxins and reducing the appearance of cellulite. They can be used to treat all “problem” areas such as the thighs, hips, stomachs, buttocks and arms. Those who made the machine claim that several cellulite treatments can break down fatty deposits, making the skin appear more toned and smooth.

This type of vacuum pump pulls the skin slightly from the muscle then a heated massage is performed to make the skin as well as the surrounding tissues, become more resilient.Availability of the TreatmentVacuum treatments for cellulite are being offered in some medical spas and day spas and you can also purchase anti-cellulite vacuum treatment devices in the market. The SmoothShapes or Synergie cellulite treatments are being offered in spas. This treatment uses a combination of a vacuum and massage rollers to tone the skin.

For consumers, handheld devices such as the Starvac Vacuum Massage and the Celluless Anti-Cellulite treatment Vacuum System are available in the market.Effects of the Treatment The Smooth Shapes system as designed by Eleme Medical uses a combination of laser and light therapy with rollers and a vacuum to reduce cellulite appearance. 
She claims that SmoothShapes helps remodel the skin in a way that it looks smooth, tighter and more toned.The Synergie cellulite treatment, on the other hand, performs an intensive subdermal massage.

Makers of this Synergie claim that it helps eliminate excess fat that are trapped under the skin making it tightened and more toned. Such procedure is painless and several treatments should be performed to achieve visible results.
On the other hand, makers of the Starvac Vacuum Massage Cellulite treatment system claims that it can also treat contraction of muscle, relieve spasms, and improve circulation.

Furthermore, makers of the Celluless Anti Cellulite Treatment Vacuum System claim that their “Vaumterapia technique” stimulates the inner and outer layers of the skin, helps reduce cellulite and restore skin firmness and smoothness.Misconceptions about the TreatmentThe makers of these devices claim that their products are the best alternatives to invasive surgeries, the fatty deposits underneath the skin do not disappear with vacuum therapy.

Although cellulite vacuum therapy tightens and tones the skin so as to create a smoother appearance, the cellulites become less noticeable only but do not totally disappear. Liposuction and losing weight are both ineffective for treating cellulite.

Anti-cellulite vacuum treatments have not undergone extensive clinical studies or trials and the use of it cannot help get rid of cellulite completely. People who are having this treatment must maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise in order to flush out toxins from the intensive massage session. Though some devices and treatments help firm and tone the skin, there are still no scientifically-proven methods to get rid of cellulite.

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